is the Biblically historic eschatological teaching, covenanted by God, handed down through the Prophets, preached by Christ, perpetuated by the Apostles and propagated in the first 3 centuries of the Christian Church. The Kingdom descriptions in Scripture are the key to its understanding.


is the power of God to salvation, the "Good News" our Messiah brings! Don't miss this section which helps explain the Good News of Jesus the Messiah. Have you ever asked: What is "Righteousness"? What is "law" or "the Law"? What is "Grace"? What is "Faith"? What are "works of the Law"? What does Jesus mean when He said "I have come to fulfill the Law"? Knowing these terms will help you enjoy your Messiah!


also called hermeneutics, is simply how to interpret the Bible. Don't let the term intimidate you. There are principles to interpretation which have to be followed. Learn & apply these to increase your understanding of your Messiah's precious Word!


was a Biblical scholar of the first rate, defending the authenticity of the Bible and espousing Classic Premillennialism. Some of his works are are found on this page in PDF format. Check out the YouTube videos on his page.

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